Once the time goes, it’s gone
And no wisdom can retrieve it.

Grave thoughts bear the mind down.
And the body has no choice but to follow.

It comes down to yes or no, and pain’s in back
of every choice that turns to act.

– Mark Rudman, “Solitaire”


The human need to be flawless is frightening. So many people conceal their dreams and aspirations to avoid judgment. Moments are never experienced due to trivial excuses; insignificant justifications that will be forgotten. Not having completed the challenge is what you will remember – not why.

Someone once told me it is a shame one cannot view themselves in raw emotion. To experience how one reacts with passion. To truly see ourselves laugh or cry without the mask one wears in the mirror. It is as if being truly ourselves is a disgrace.

I cannot help but feel frustrated toward this way of living. To be held back from adventure and pure joy due to a crippling fear of rejection. There is no better time to experience life than with every new day. Be free and happy.


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